Best Things Are Yet To Come-Track list preview

Best Things Are Yet To Come-Track list preview

While waiting for the pre-sale to start on Nov. 15th, we can disclose the content of Best Things Are Yet To Come (Area Pirata), the double CD compilation celebrating the first 30 years of the Strange Flowers career.

The track list follows the time order of the writing, separated into two periods, one representing the very first and classical band line-up, and the other the following two main line-ups. The two CDs  include unreleased songs, alternative versions, alternative mixes, or alternative masterings of previously published songs.

 Disc 1- The First Republic

  1. Goodbye Summer Skies
  2. Of Perception
  3. Miriam On The Nile
  4. Carrin’ To Pie
  5. Dreaming, Bleeding A Bit
  6. Me And The Eggman
  7. Janet’s Faces
  8. Apples In Your Eyes
  9. Roger Talks To The Young Emily
  10. John On The Moon
  11. Of Green And Of Milk Of Bread And Of Sand
  12. Girls Of April
  13. The Sixth Colour
  14. Sand In The Wind
  15. No Love No Pain No Fall From Grace


Disc 2- The Second And Third Republic

  1. Strange Girl 2000
  2. Hemerick G
  3. Alice Stealing Rainbows
  4. Yellow Of Sun
  5. Angela’s Disease
  6. September
  7. The Insect And The Fish
  8. The Naked Monk
  9. Everyone Has A Spot In The Sunshine
  10. Blue Mothers
  11. Dreams Obscure
  12. Seven Year Old Poets
  13. Underneath Electric Wires
  14. Evelyn’s Face
  15. Watching The Clouds From A Strawberry Trees

Photo: The Strange Flowers in 1989 ©Carlo Silipo


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