2005, Beyond Your Mind Records, Germany. Album (CD)
2005, Nasoni Records, Germany. Album (Vinyl)

What they say

Mitici Strange Flowers, imbattibili paladini della moderna psichedelica. (Movimenti Prog, Italy)

Open your windows when you listen to these songs, as this music needs space, it will invade your room. (Corriere Della Sera, Italy)

One of the most visionary and consistent bands of the Italian psychedelic scene. (Rumore, Italy)

30 years of music re-read with hilaroius unconsciusness. (Venerdì di Repubblica, Italy)

Absolute worth checking out, if 60’s styled psychedelia is close to your heart. (Psychotropic zone, Finland)

These Strange Flowers are still in bloom. (Coloursonic, UK)

A very enjoyable mix of psychpop and spacerock. (Progressive Homestead, USA)

Ortoflorovivaistica is full of beautiful and powerful masterpieces that are performed with so much feeling and passion you wonder what was going around the time of writing and recording…the boys from Pisa should definitely be proud of themselves with this one. Brilliant! (Concreteweb, Belgium)


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