Crossing a Wasteland Out Today

Crossing a Wasteland Out Today

2022, Onde Italiane/Rubber Soul Records, Italy. Album (Vinyl)
Available in  Spotify iTunes and in main music stores worldwide through Area Pirata

Crossing a Wasteland is the 9th album from The Strange Flowers. The album was recorded during the COVID pandemic, using a mobile studio, and taking advantage of the unexpected free time given by the circumstances. A collection of songs that go beyond the clichés of rock music, a deliberate attempt to move forward and into modern, yet unexplored, territories. Having recorded the basic tracks mainly live, the band superimposed a stratification of sounds that give the album an unusual, enveloping atmosphere, still with a psychedelic attitude. A number of collaborators were involved in the recordings and in general in the production of the music, which blossoms across the ten songs to melt into a single body.


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