Viva Mannheim! A joyful farewell to The Suite

Viva Mannheim! A joyful farewell to The Suite

When we played the first time at The Suite in Mannheim in 2012 it was a blast! You know it’s not so easy for a live band who proudly plays only original tunes to get successful in a huge discotheque (or maybe it is not only in Italy?). Anyway, something magic happened between the band and the crowd and everything turned out to be an amazing experience.

The Suite definitely closed on August 29 2015 (just to born again in a better location next year) and Torsten (the big boss) asked the Flowers to be there again and have the very last gig for the venue’s final party. Event sold-out, thousands of people, 4 dance floor, town-wide projections, fireworks, circus’ artists… Name something happy, vivid, flashy, noisy and be sure it was there that night :-)

PS. As usual at The Suite, we’ve been caught in action by the super photographer Jo Frohner: check out the complete gallery here.


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