The Imaginary Space Travel of the Naked Monkeys

The Imaginary Space Travel of the Naked Monkeys

2007, Beyond Your Mind Records, Germany. Album (CD)

What they say

I think the group improved their sound, not only ranging from early Pink Floyd to Spaceman 3 & Bevis Front, but also adding a few more modern alternative/post rock to their expressions this time, using phonevox/distorted vocals here and there, without ever losing the ‘60s flavour. The tight arrangements make their sound really strong, with well working-together built up layers of acoustic or electric guitars, a bit of mellotron or organ, drums and percussion, with changing and often very catchy rhythms, from an upbeat, almost live energy power made stronger by all the keyboard effects, guitars and acoustic percussion (and even “woohaha” laughing monkey-like vocal sounds on the first track !!), to more ballad sweetness. This band rocks, groovy ! (Progressive Homestead, Belgium)

Strange Flowers offers 60’ies inspired psychedelic rock so beautiful that you just feel like floating away on a soft orange cloud. The music is full of hallucinogenic images and acidic rhythms. If you love bands like Sun Dial and Liquid Visions this record is a must have – no doubt! … a really good neo-psychedelic record. (Low Cut, Denmark)

Michele Marino could easily be one of the best singers from the Italian psych rock scene, sounding like Gary Ramon with Syd Barrett -vibrato. And his accent is fortunately more charming than annoying…a very varied album with several good parts. (Concreteweb, Belgium)

The album continues in the same beautiful, tender, melodic and at times mystical 60’s styled psych rock vein but now they have incorporated some faster and wilder garage rock stuff into their sound….This is absolutely one of the best albums I’ve heard for a long time! You should do as I will and get everything this band has ever put out. (Psychotropic zone, Finland)


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