Best Things Are Yet To Come

Best Things Are Yet To Come

2017, Area Pirata Records, Italy. Album (Double CD), Limited Edition
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Best Things Are Yet To Come traces and celebrates the career of The Strange Flowers through the retrieval and revision of their musical journey. The double CD includes 30 tracks, of which 5 previously unreleased (3 of them recorded for the occasion), newly mixed, and/or mastered songs, from each of their 7 albums and that deserved to be valued, including the pre-production of Vagina Mother in its almost whole.

The sequence of songs chronologically follows the compositional path of this historical group of the Italian neo-psychedelic scene, photographing its evolution and maturation. A definitive collection that perfectly reflects the spirit of an artistic and human project that flirted with success without ever reaching it, fiercely uncompromisingly, in the midst of joy and sorrow, sadness and happiness, past and future.



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